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Studio Flats For Students

Are you in need of Studio Flats For Students situated near Aston University? When it comes to choosing luxury flats for students, Aston Apartments provides the best apartments according to their budget. For students, we provide luxurious but affordable studio apartments. The apartments we offer are within walking distance of Aston University. This location provides flexibility to students because it is outstanding. For a group of students or individuals, we deliver apartments. Further, we also have the ideal option if you want to live alone for privacy’s sake or are searching for shared apartments for your colleagues. Our comfortable apartments and cosy flats serve a variety of requirements. Browse our range of apartments to see why Apartment Student might be the best option for you if you’re looking to live as a student.

Apartment choices for students

Thinking of exploring outside of typical hostel rooms? An Aston apartment is an option to think about while looking for student flats. We provide one cosy room with an attached bathroom. In addition, an open kitchen and living space are also available in our apartments.

The flats are usually designed for up to four people. Our apartments consist of a grand bedroom, a comfortable bathroom, sleep accessories, towels, a slim-screen TV, dining space, a kitchen complete with all necessities, and a terrace overlooking the inner courtyard.

An additional widely used option for student living is a shared flat. Making it the perfect option if you want to live with friends. The common spaces in shared apartments include the living room and the cooking area.

Reasons to choose a studio flat

If you want to live independently and can afford a limited budget, explore the possibility of renting a studio apartment. For those who wish to focus on their education. Without the interruption of roommates, it’s an appropriate choice. indeed studios are perfect for people who want a neat, organised place while having less stuff because they include less storage and smaller living areas. They’re especially suited for students who don’t need an excessive amount of living space and have busy schedules, such as law students and medical students. For more information and bookings contact us.