Furnished Short Term Rentals

Aston Apartments offers modified and fully Furnished Short Term Rentals. Our apartments are perfect for people like consultants, business travellers, employees, or students. Aston apartments are a cheap and suitable option for a short rental stay.

Selecting a furnished apartment in Aston will provide you with premium furniture. The complete set of furniture needed for a luxury stay is present in the apartment. In addition, we handle all of your utility bills and provide cable TV, internet access, local and long-distance phone services. We manage everything, allowing you to just relax.This means that when you move in and start living comfortably, there won’t be any additional costs or complications. It’s a perfect way to have a cheap, home-like experience during your short stay.

Our Affordable rates

Because every person has different spending limits, Aston Apartments Birmingham provides cheap and affordable apartments. Depending on your needs—student, business, or urgent housing—we have a possibility that’s suitable for you.Our commitment to pricing doesn’t mean that you compromise on quality. We charge you a cost that isn’t out of your budget. Our furnished flats are made to give you a relaxing and stress-free living environment.

Why Choose Aston Apartments ?

We at Aston Apartments are happy to provide an unforgettable stay. Our apartments are designed with your needs in mind. We make things easier for you with our simple booking process and personalised options. Everyone has different choices, so we offer everything according to your requirements and wants.

Whether you are a student or just need a short stay, we can accommodate you. Our top priority is to make your stay as stress-free and pleasurable as possible. We are your second home—more than a place to stay.

What Makes Our Amenities Special?

Our values for amenities focus on effortless usage, customization, and simplicity. Selecting Aston Apartments Birmingham will give you the opportunity to use a number of amenities that will make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.We provide the following special amenities:

  • Fully Furnished Apartments: Each of our apartments is fitted with beautifully selected furniture. Ensuring that you will feel like you’re home from the moment you enter.
  • Well-Equipped Kitchen: Cook your favourite meals with our luxury kitchen. indeed, our kitchen is furnished with modern equipment and appliances.
  • Fast Internet Access: Our fast internet service will keep you connected and is perfect for both business and entertainment.
  • Cable TV: Watch your favourite programmes while keeping up with the latest current news on our cable TV.
  • Including Utilities: don’t worry on thinking about extra costs; on your visit, all of your utility costs will be covered.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns, our committed staff is here to help.

Visit our website to find out more about our amenities and how they can enhance your stay. At Aston Apartments Birmingham, we focus ourselves on helping you modify your stay. Enjoy the comfort and simplicity of our fully equipped apartments, which provide a wide range of advantages.

Furnished Short Term Rentals

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